ASPUS - The Narrative Aid

Introducing ASPUS - Advanced System for Processing and Utilizing for Story-Development.

SCREENSHOT Script by Peter Weinberger
(Code illustration Python script by Peter Weinberger)

Our state-of-the-art library of Python algorithms makes it simpler than ever to create and format stories. The most difficult storytelling duties are made simple by our platform, ASPUS, so you can focus on the tale and its effect on the reader.

With the use of powerful analytics, custom language algorithms, and idea organization, ASPUS makes it possible to restructure the most important information in any tale. The creation of workflows and pipelines that can facilitate all of your narrative processing duties is simple with our technology.

Furthermore, our custom scripting language offers a wide array of functionality and flexibility, empowering users to craft unique stories and laser-focused solutions.

With ASPUS, you can easily create custom scripts that cater to your specific audience and their needs. It's a versatile tool that empowers you to craft stories that align perfectly with your requirements and adapt your creational abilities to the ever evolving demands of tomorrow.

From tiny start-ups to major corporations, our platform is scaleable and ideal for all company and organizational sizes.No matter the unique needs of your target audience, ASPUS can help you realize the full potential of your tales.


  • Restructure stories involved in different settings.
  • Simple story fragment cleaning and normalization.
  • AI-free state-of-the-art algorithms and processes.
  • Quickly construct story pipelines and processes.
  • Thought empowering and a human first approach.
  • Real-time story monitoring and development.
  • Adjustable in accordance with use cases.

  • The day when processing stories was a challenge is gone. You can change the way you work with ASPUS.

    At the moment ASPUS is an exclusive In-House tool and there is no public version available. Please come back at a later time. Thank you for understanding!